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Shanghai Sansi Technology Co., Ltd.

World's leading LED display manufacturer and innovative LED lighting solution provider

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    1280 Shuying Road, Shanghai, China
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Company Profile
Sansi Technology is the world second largest LED display manufacturer and an innovative LED lighting solution provider. With over 400 in-house engineers, 2000 employees, and three advanced manufacturing facilities, Sansi raises the bar for LED applications. Sansi's success is directly derived from persistence, perseverance and teamwork. Sansi creates valuable solutions for its customers, a supportive home for its employees, and a sustainable presence for the environment.

Sansi provides complete LED display solutions, including state-of-the-art software and hardware applications, to help make your message reinforced and work done. LED displays have become a growing segment of global economy and serve as a cost-effective way of posting messages, targeting potential visitors, building and impacting corporate brands in a versatile application environments. Sansi's LED billboards and signage are a reliable and cost-effective means for promoting your client's brand. Metro advertising billboards shortens distance between advertisers and customers by creating an immersive atmosphere and delivering immediate visual recognition. Sansi metro advertising solution provides and achieve shortcuts to improve customers' recognition. Sansi digital LED displays for basketball and stadium venues offer multiple advantages that engage live audiences with real-time audio and displays. Shop window LED display builds a forthright way for retailers to be interactive with customers. Your effort to reach to shoppers and to promote brands can be well achieved with Sansi shop window advertising solutions.

The tradition of excellence in LED displays continues with Sansi's innovation in the general lighting field. As a company that stands behind every detail, Sansi prides itself in engineering and manufacturing advanced lighting systems incorporating the latest technologies with an emphasis on energy efficiency, performance and intelligence. Sansi LED street lights utilize the company's proprietary ceramic hint sink technology for more efficient thermal management. Compared with aluminum heat sinks, ceramic is not electrically conductive but has a better thermal conductivity than aluminum. The ceramic heatsink is a great combination of circuit board and heat sink for the efficient cooling of LEDs and thermally sensitive components. It enables the direct and permanent connection of components. Also, the electrical insulating characteristics can provide bonding surfaces by employing metallization pads. Sansi LED ceramic street lights are suited for outdoor environments with protection levels as high as IP66. Sansi also takes advantage of the innovative technology in its LED flood lights, LED security lights, LED bulbs for interior illumination, high power LED bulbs for post top street lights, and LED grow lights. Sansi LED high bay lights feature a modular structure for quick field installation. Sansi LED wallpacks come with high quality aluminum enclosures which ensure an excellent mechanical structure and stable cooling performance. Independently set optical cavity and electrical cavity provides maximum heat dissipation. Sansi LED lights are easy to control and operate through 2.4 GH intelligent control system or PLC control system using a standard ANSI C136.41 interface base, along with secondary energy savings using a power supply driver/dimmer interface with PWM, 0-10v.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) smart city infrastructure, the ubiquitous LED street lights are poised to play a major role through the integration of network connectivity and sensor technology. Sansi's smart pole systems serve as network nodes to receive, collect and transmit information. The system includes data acquisition modules, data processing modules, data release modules, emergency alarms, electric charging ports, and base station. All the modules are controlled through an integrated controller and highly coordinative with each other. The intelligent roadway lighting systems will help solve a series of problems most cities deal with that include energy consumption, city management, and multi-functional usages. The smart pole system is designed to play multiple roles in the smart city management, including wireless network base station, intelligent sensing, RFID, video monitoring, emergency call, automobile charging, arbitrary switching between multimedia players, etc.

Sansi's aggressive strategy in research and development allows the company to offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the ever-changing industry. Sansi is on the cutting-edge of research and development in LED technology backed by a growing team of talented engineers, state-of-the-art research and development labs.  To date, Sansi has applied for 372 domestic and international patents, and currently holds 246 approved patents, one of which is the patented Independent Pixel HeatSink® technology. Sansi is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of optical lens suitable for various road conditions, providing uniformed light distribution by using reversed optical designs and software to simulate the optical parameters of the coverage area to calculate the lens model. This means engineering lens optic designs assuring no unnecessary light spillage is wasted outside focused field of application, producing consistent and even distribution of light with seamless overlap of light beams, all maximizing total light output on the designated area.

Sansi nurtures a culture of quality and craftsmanship in every step of the process and beyond. The fully ISO compliant manufacturing facilities and production process ensure its products meet the highest possible global and industry standards, whether these standards are CE, UL, ETL, FCC, SGS, RoHS, TUV, ENEC, DLC, Energy Star, and more.
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